At the Cathedrals

Each Cathedral has varying help and support that it can provide for the disabled. You can find out what is available at the Cathedral that you want to visit by looking at its respective page under the sub-heading “facilities”. Feel free to contact the staff there to discuss any particular needs that you might have.

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This website has been designed with practical accessibility in mind. It is hoped that the various measures included within the design will make this site accessible to most. Note: This doesn't necessarily mean that the website will appear exactly the same or equally as prettily to everyone, however, all textual content will be available to all.

Here are a number of the key things that have been kept in mind, some hints and features:

Resizing text

Proportional measurements have been used for the type sizes throughout the website. Thus text can be resized according to need.

Here are ways to do so in a number of popular browsers:

How to resize text
Browser via Shortcuts via Menu
Internet Explorer (PC) Ctrl & scroll mouse wheel View > Text Size > Larger/Smaller
Firefox (PC) Ctrl + / Ctrl - View > Text Size > Increase/Decrease
Safari (Mac) Apple + / Apple - View > Make text Bigger/Smaller
Chrome (Mac) Apple + / Apple - View > Zoom In/Out

Access key shortcuts

A number of shortcuts have been built in to speed up navigation for those that use browsers which support them. These should be used in conjunction with whichever key is appropriate for your computer's platform. So, on Windows use Alt + an accesskey, and on a Mac use Ctrl + your accesskey (unless using Chrome, in which case use Ctrl + Alt). If you are using Internet Explorer you may also need to press Enter after your chosen shortcut.

Keyboard shortcuts for this site
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N.B. Though these shortcuts have been specified by selecting keys that shouldn't disrupt or conflict with other processes, it may not always be the case. Should these shortcuts override others that are important to you then, if using Internet Explorer, you can regain control by pressing the shortcut buttons one after the other, rather than together.


A cut down stylesheet has been put together to be applied to the site for printing. Extraneous detail and elements (such as menu etc.) have been removed so that the flow of the text can be concentrated on more easily.

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If there is anything else that can be improved on the website, or you have any comments to make, please contact the webmaster and let them know.

All feedback is welcomed and if improvements can reasonably be made we will attempt to implement them.